Jiří Dolejš

Tel: +420-2-2435-4166 ORCID: 0000-0001-6876-2878
E-mail: jiri.dolejs@cvut.cz Jiří Dolejš at LinkedIn
Room no: CIIRC B:323

Member Of:Intelligent and Mobile Robotics, CIIRC, CTU in Prague
Current position:Research Engineer
Research Interests:robotic manipulation, computer vision, visual servoing, mobile robotics
Current projects: 
 Research and development of a robotic system for automated masonry of brick blocks (2021-2023, TACR)
 Research and development of a robotic system for automatic assembly of threaded connections (2019-2022, TACR)
 Autonomous robotic system for ultrasonic and eddy current inspection of metal and composite parts of complex shapes (2021-2024, TACR)
Recent projects: 
 I-nav - Navigation system for industrial mobile robots (2021-2022)

Education:2020 Ing. (= M.Sc.) degree in Cybernetics and Robotics from FEE, CTU in Prague
 Master's thesis: Mobile robot control using gestures

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