Individual sets of arcs are displayed in different colors.
Passing through an arc from a set guarantees radiation source detection in the area defined by the underlying green square.
The best scores given are valid when edge weights are defined by the euclidean distance between the corresponding arc's endpoints.

Problem name: 1x3_11472.mgtsp
No. of sets: 3
No. of arcs: 11472
Best score: 13.11

Problem name: 1x5_19120.mgtsp
No. of sets: 5
No. of arcs: 19120
Best score: 26.33

Problem name: 1x7_26768.mgtsp
No. of sets: 7
No. of arcs: 26768
Best score: 41.90

Problem name: 2x2_15296.mgtsp
No. of sets: 4
No. of arcs: 15296
Best score: 14.52

Problem name: 2x3_22944.mgtsp
No. of sets: 6
No. of arcs: 22944
Best score: 23.74

Problem name: 2x4_30592.mgtsp
No. of sets: 8
No. of arcs: 30592
Best score: 31.90

Problem name: 2x5_38240.mgtsp
No. of sets: 10
No. of arcs: 38240
Best score: 41.80

Problem name: 2x7_53536.mgtsp
No. of sets: 14
No. of arcs: 53536
Best score: 62.01

Problem name: 3x3_34416.mgtsp
No. of sets: 9
No. of arcs: 34416
Best score: 35.73

Problem name: 3x4_45888.mgtsp
No. of sets: 12
No. of arcs: 45888
Best score: 48.07

Problem name: 3x5_57360.mgtsp
No. of sets: 15
No. of arcs: 57360
Best score: 60.53

Problem name: 3x6_68832.mgtsp
No. of sets: 18
No. of arcs: 68832
Best score: 73.46

Problem name: 4x4_61184.mgtsp
No. of sets: 16
No. of arcs: 61184
Best score: 62.63

Problem name: 4x5_76480.mgtsp
No. of sets: 20
No. of arcs: 76480
Best score: 78.54

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