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Intelligent and Mobile Robotics (IMR) laboratory's mission is to perform cutting-edge research in AI, particularly in machine perception and optimization, targeting advanced intelligent mobile robots and self-guided vehicles. Here, we aim to elaborate on robust cognitive control systems for robots and bring novel ideas into real/industrial solutions. A significant focus is paid to handling uncertainty in robot perception, elaborating on robots that can perceive, learn, and decide to overcome unpredictable and complex situations during their operation in varying conditions. These robots can operate in uncontrolled environments and human-oriented setups and even autonomously co-exist and co-work with other entities, including humans. This, in turn, addresses machine perception problems leading to automated world model building and keeping. The learned models are then used for planning robot activities and for robot self-navigation in real and uncertain/varying environments (both indoor and outdoor). Besides, we go beyond single-robot systems and aim to build swarms and heterogeneous teams of unmanned ground and aerial vehicles. On top of our research, we offer the transfer of basic research results to solutions to challenging problems arising from industrial applications. Particular focus is paid on advanced logistics, autonomous transportation and inspection systems, smart manipulation problems, etc., and providing consultancy and expert knowledge services to industrial partners.

Contact address

Czech Technical University
Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics
Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3
160 00 Praha 6, Dejvice
Czech republic

Phone: +420 224 904 708

Head, Intelligent and Mobile Robotics Group (IMR)

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