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Riemann project, ROS-based Education of Advanced Motion Planning and Control


The European warehouse robotics market is expected to grow at over 10 % in 2020 - 2025. One component of warehouse automation is fleet-deployment for autonomous tasks. Many companies in this field utilising robotic systems face a lack of knowledge to configure or modify the techniques by themselves. Especially for open-source-based robotic systems or libraries, a professional education environment is often not established yet. The diversity of employees and students, which should be taught, are usually not regarded in technical documentation and material.


This project aims to reduce technological barriers towards using a fleet of robots in warehouses and manufacturing environments. Upskilling their employees will reduce the prototyping time for companies manufacturing robots or related software services. Our education materials will help industries use mobile robot solutions to perform complex debugging/maintenance without overly relying on their third-party supplier.


This project creates learning material to teach university students and skilled professionals in advanced autonomous navigation concepts, specifically how to deploy open-source software libraries on different mobile robot platforms. These advanced yet didactic educational materials for the EIT educational platform will enable the next step and help end-user/professionals understand the inner workings of robotic systems and different navigation algorithms implemented in the Robot Operating System (ROS) and other open-source frame works. The courses target professionals of all groups and skill levels. By building on fundamental courses on ROS and robotic systems, the audience learns at speed, fitting their needs with regular assessments to measure their current level. Learners can also skip theoretical background to only focus on necessary implementation skills if needed. This design will save time spent on unnecessary training due to ill-fitting coursework. Upon completion, the course are available at https://www.skillsmove.eu/.


Project name ROS-based Education of Advanced Motion Planning and Control
Project acronym RIEMANN
Activity ID 22235
Duration 2022-01-01 to 2022-12-31
Program Horizon Europe, EIT Manufacturing Education, call 2022

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The partners agreed on seven learning paths for the different developed topics.

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