` Intelligent and Mobile Robotics

Miroslav Kulich

Tel: +420-2-2435-4178
E-mail: kulich@cvut.cz
Address: Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3, room B-322

Member of:Intelligent and Mobile Robotics Division, Robotics and machine perception
Current position:Assistant professor
Research Interests:mobile robotics, artificial intelligence, planning, computational geometry in robotics, education of mobile robotics
Current projects:SafeLog (H2020)
 Kassandra ( Ministry of Interior of Czech Republic)
 Dual robotic effector module (MPO TRIO)
 Center of applied cybernetics 3 (The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic)
Recent projects:SyRoTek (IEEE RAS CEMRA project)
 Cognitive Autonomous Robots II (MSMT CR - joint project with University of Buenos Aires and Univ, of Cordoba)
 Highly flexible mobile manipulation system for varying industrial environments (MSMT CR - joint project with Technische Universität Berlin)
 Multi-robot systems in complex environments (MSMT CR - joint project with Karslruher Institut für Technologie)

Teaching:Courses at CTU:
 Praktická robotika
 Mobilní a kolektivní robotika
 Práce v týmu a její organizace
 Statistika a spolehlivost v lékařštví
 Practical Course in Robotics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University
 Introduction to Mobile Robotics, within Escuela de Ciencias Informáticas 2011, University of Buenos Aires
 Mobile Robotics II: Simultaneous localization and mapping, within Escuela de Ciencias Informáticas 2012, University of Buenos Aires
 [http://ciii.frc.utn.edu.ar/ITMR|Introduction to Mobile Robotics], National University of Córdoba
Research stays: 
 Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems, University of Lincoln, August-September 2015
 Laboratorio de Robótica y Sistemas Embebidos, University of Buenos Aires, 2010-2015 (2.5 months in total)
 Automation Technology Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology, May-October 2005
 Milwaukee School of Engineering, Global Development Program (in cooperation with Rockwell Automation), July-August 1998
 2005 doctoral degree (RNDr.) at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague
 2004 Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Biocybernetics at Czech Technical University in Prague, thesis: Localization and map building in intelligent robotics.
 1996 study at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, master degree (Mgr.)

Theses Supervised:Ph.D.:
   Roman Sushkov - Navigation and planning for complex robots
   Jakub Hvězda - Routing problems in mobile robotics
   Alan Drozen - Neural networks for routing problems
   Tomáš Novák - Cooperative path planning for a team of mobile robots
 recent and older
   Roman Sushkov - Detection and pose determination of a part for bin picking dean award
   Jakub Hvězda - Comparison of path planning methods for a multi-robot team
   Viktor Kozák - Exploration of an unknown space with a mobile robot
   Jakub Lukeš - Planning for dozens of robots
   Vojtěch Lhotský - Multi-robot exploration with 3D mapping
   Jakub Lukeš - Planning for dozens of robots|
   Roman Bedroš - Registration of 3D Point Clouds
   Tomáš Juchelka - Exploration algorithms in a polygonal domain ACP SPY semifinalist, among the 10% of master thesis at FEL
   Martin Makovička - Coordination in multi-robot systems
   Jiří Kortánek - Character animation for e-learning
   Štěpán Rezek - Visualization in e-learning systems for mobile robotics
   Václav Zelený - Fast path planning methods
   Jan Mikula - Metaheuristics for the graph search problem
   Kamil Horný - Experiments with mobile robots
 recent and older
   Khilda Slyusar - Distributed exploration of an unknown environment
   Lukáš Niedoba - Smooth trajectory generation in 2D
   Roman Sushkov - Self-organizing structures for the Travelling Salesman Problem in a polygonal domain dean award
   Vojtěch Janů - Motion control for a humanoid
   Viktor Kozák - Local planning for a mobile robot (running)
   Michal Marek - Framework for exploration by a humanoid robot
   Martina Špičková - Comparison of Surface Reconstruction Methods for Mobile Robotics
   Matej Grajciar - Any-angle planning algorithms in mobile robotics
   Roman Bedroš - Localization module for a mobile robot in Player system
   Václav Krtička - Planning for multi-robot systems
   Přemysl Habáň - Visibility-Voronoi diagrams for path-planning
   Ladislav Kopecký - Comparison of environments for mobile robot control
   Leoš Absatz - Sampling-Based Motion Planning
   Daniel Fišer - 3D reconstruction using neural networks
   Ondřej Vrzal- Controllers for mobile robots
   Filip Novotný - Exploration of an unknown environment with a mobile robot

Selected Publications: 
 Miroslav Kulich, Viktor Kozák,Libor Přeučil: Comparison of Local Planning Algorithms for Mobile Robots, Modelling and Simulation for Autonomous Systems, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 9055,pp 196-208, 2015 - BEST PAPER AWARD
 Miroslav Kulich, Tomáš Juchelka,Libor Přeučil: Comparison of exploration strategies for multi-robot search, Acta Polytechnica , Vol. 55, No. 3 (2015), pp. 162-168
 Miroslav Kulich, Libor Preucil, Juan José Miranda Bront: Single robot search for a stationary object in an unknown environment. ICRA 2014: 5830-5835
 Miroslav Kulich, Jan Chudoba, Karel Košnar, Tomáš Krajník, Jan Faigl, et al.: SyRoTek - Distance Teaching of Mobile Robotics. IEEE Transactions on Education. 2013, vol. 56, no. 1, p. 18-23. ISSN 0018-9359.
 Dan Fišer, Jan Faigl, Miroslav Kulich: Growing neural gas efficiently. Neurocomputing. 2013, vol. 104, p. 72-82. ISSN 0925-2312.
 Miroslav Kulich, Jan Faigl, Libor Preucil: On distance utility in the exploration task. ICRA 2011: 4455-4460
 Jan Faigl, Miroslav Kulich, Libor Preucil: A Sensor Placement Algorithm for a Mobile Robot Inspection Planning. Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems 62(3-4): 329-353 (2011)
 Jan Faigl, Miroslav Kulich, Vojtech Vonasek, Libor Preucil: An application of the self-organizing map in the non-Euclidean Traveling Salesman Problem. Neurocomputing 74(5): 671-679 (2011)
 Tomas Krajnik, Jan Faigl, Vojtech Vonasek, Karel Kosnar, Miroslav Kulich, Libor Preucil: Simple yet stable bearing-only navigation. J. Field Robotics 27(5): 511-533 (2010)
 Miroslav Kulich, Jan Faigl, Karel Kosnar, Libor Preucil, Jan Chudoba: SyRoTek - On an e-Learning System for Mobile Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. ICAART 2009: 275-280
 Miroslav Kulich, Jan Faigl, Jan Chudoba, Karel Košnar: A Visualization System for Teaching Intelligent Mobile Robotics in SyRoTek. In Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Simulation, Modeling, and Programming for Autonomus Robots, Berlin: Springer, 2010, ISBN 978-3-642-17318-9.
 Miroslav Kulich, Karel Košnar, Jan Chudoba, Jan Faigl,Libor Přeučil: On a Mobile Robotics E-learning System. In Proceedings of the Twentieth European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research. Vienna: Austrian Society for Cybernetics Studies, 2010, p. 597-602. ISBN 978-3-85206-178-8. - BEST PAPER AWARD
 Herman Bruyninckx, Libor Přeučil, Miroslav Kulich (eds.): European Robotics Symposium 2008 Heidelberg: Springer, 2008. 356 p. ISBN 978-3-540-78315-2.
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