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Karel Košnar

Tel: +420-22435-4176
Room no: CIIRC B:321

Member of:Intelligent and Mobile Robotics Group
Current position:Assistant professor
Research Interests:Scene-understanding, patial reasoning, Topological mapping, robot autonomous navigation, long-term autonomy
Current projects:LaMa
Past projects: 
 GAČR postdoc Spatial Cognition for Mobile Robots

Teaching:Undergraduate courses:
 A3B99RO Roboti
 A3M33MKR Mobilní a kolektivní robotika
 A3M33OSD Operační systémy a databáze
Education:2011 Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Biocybernetics, Czech Technical University in Prague (pdf)
 2004 Ing. (=M.Sc.) in Technical Cybernetics (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Theses Supervised:M.Sc.:
 Maroš Vaňo - Qualitative Reasoning for Robotic Topological Map Building
 Petr Kubašta - Robot Navigation Using Generalised Voronoi Diagrams
 Jakub Doležal - Speech interface for robot planning modul
 Dina Sushkova - Evolution of mobile robot control algorithm for collision avoidance
 Jan Trejbal - Localization of Persons in the Building Using Wireless Technologies
Selected Publications: 
 Krajník, T. - Faigl, J. - Vonásek, V. - Košnar, K. - Kulich, M. - et al. Simple, Yet Stable Bearing-Only Navigation In: Journal of Field Robotics. 2010, vol. 27, no. 5, p. 511-533. ISSN 1556-4959.
 Přeučil, L. - Štěpán, P. - Krajník, T. - Košnar, K. - Rossum, A.V.R. - et al. Cognitive World Modeling In: Symbiotic Multi-Robot Organisms. Berlin: Springer, 2010, p. 165-183. ISBN 978-3-642-11691-9.
 Faigl, J. - Chudoba, J. - Košnar, K. - Saska, M. - Kulich, M. - et al. SyRoTek - A Robotic System for Education In: AT&P journal PLUS 2. 2010, p. 31-36. ISSN 1336-5010.
 Faigl, J. - Krajník, T. - Košnar, K. - Szücsová, H. - Chudoba, J. - et al. Mobile Robotics at FEE CTU In: AT&P journal PLUS 2. 2010, p. 37-42. ISSN 1336-5010.
 Košnar, K. - Krajník, T. - Vonásek, V. - Přeučil, L. LaMa - Large Maps Framework In: Proceedings of Workshop on Field Robotics, Civilian-European Robot Trial 2009 [CD-ROM]. Oulu: University of Oulu, 2009, p. 9-16. ISBN 978-951-42-9176-0.
 Ford, K.M. - Suri, N. - Košnar, K. - Jisl, P. - Benda, P. - et al. A Game based Approach to Comparing Different Coordination Mechanisms In: Distributed Human-Machine Systems. Praha: CTU Publishing House, 2008, p. 20-25. ISBN 978-80-01-04027-0.
 Košnar, K. - Krajník, T. - Přeučil, L. Visual Topological Mapping In: European Robotics Symposium 2008. Heidelberg: Springer, 2008, p. 333-342. ISBN 978-3-540-78315-2.
 Košnar, K. - Přeučil, L. - Štěpán, P. Topological Multi-Robot Exploration In: Proceedings of the IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland Chapter 5th Conference on Advances in Cybernetic System. New York: IEEE - Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society, 2006, p. 137-141. ISSN 1744-9170.
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