` Intelligent and Mobile Robotics

Jan Faigl

Tel: +420-22435-7400
E-mail: faiglj@fel.cvut.cz

Member of:Intelligent and Mobile Robotics Division
Current position:Assistant professor
Research Interests:mobile robotics, artificial intelligence, multi-goal planning, motion planning for high dimensional systems, computational geometry in robotics, systems of autonomous navigation, self-organizing maps
Past projects:Control and Localization for Swarms of Low-cost Autonomous Robots

Selected Publications:Jan Faigl, Libor Preucil: Self-Organizing Map for the Multi-Goal Path Planning with Polygonal Goals. ICANN (1) 2011: 85-92
 Miroslav Kulich, Jan Faigl, Libor Preucil: On distance utility in the exploration task. ICRA 2011: 4455-4460
 Jan Faigl, Miroslav Kulich, Libor Preucil: A Sensor Placement Algorithm for a Mobile Robot Inspection Planning. Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems 62(3-4): 329-353 (2011)
 Jan Faigl, Miroslav Kulich, Vojtech Vonasek, Libor Preucil: An application of the self-organizing map in the non-Euclidean Traveling Salesman Problem. Neurocomputing 74(5): 671-679 (2011)
 Jan Faigl: Approximate solution of the multiple watchman routes problem with restricted visibility range. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 21(10): 1668-1679 (2010)
 Tomas Krajnik, Jan Faigl, Vojtech Vonasek, Karel Kosnar, Miroslav Kulich, Libor Preucil: Simple yet stable bearing-only navigation. J. Field Robotics 27(5): 511-533 (2010)
 Miroslav Kulich, Jan Faigl, Karel Kosnar, Libor Preucil, Jan Chudoba: SyRoTek - On an e-Learning System for Mobile Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. ICAART 2009: 275-280

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