Intelligent and Mobile Robotics Group actively contributes in teaching activities within student programs Open Informatics and Cybernetics and Robotics of Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. Namely, it provides the following:

Open Informatics

Cybernetics and Robotics (branch: Robotics)

More courses provided by the Intelligent and Mobile Robotics Group can be found here [in czech].

Laboratory and equipment

The IMR laboratory has a total area of over 250 m2 available for experiments, development and testing of robotic applications. A wide range of robots and equipment is available for research and education. For more information see the separate IMR laboratory section.

Student topics

Student topics offered by the Intelligent and Mobile Robotics Group correlates with four research streams of IMR, large maps , autonomous swarms , navigation and planning for mobile robots. The complete list of student topics can be found here [in czech].

Robotic competitions

Researchers of Intelligent and Mobile Robotics Group provide support for teams that would like to compete in various robotic competitions. For ambitious teams, we can provide both, technical support and knowledge and experience from passed competitions. For more information, please contact Karel Košnar. In the previous years, we have successfully participated in the following competitions:

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