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About Us

The conducted research of Intelligent and Mobile Robotics Group (IMR) is focused on design and development of intelligent mobile robots - self-guided vehicles. The overall goal is to develop a highly robust cognitive control system for this kind of robots and to bring novel ideas into particular solutions. For central tasks are considered: sensing of the environment, sensor data processing and data understanding, all leading towards automated world model building and/or updating. The used knowledge representations of the world are designed and optimized for planning of robot activities and for self-navigation in real (indoor) environments. As such system requires highly complex control and decision-making the crucial parts is always the sensing and sensor data understanding.

Success Stories

Our paper Ego-motion Sensor for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Based on a Single-Board Computer won the 3rd price for Best Technical Paper Award at the CLAWAR'17 Conference (20th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots and Support Technologies for Mobile Machines). Authors are G. Écorchard, A. Heinrich, and L. Přeučil.

Our successful proposal for organization of IROS2021 in Prague prepared together with Guarant International wons the Ambassador Awards - kandidatura roku.

Best Paper Award for the conference paper of M. Kulich, V. Kozák and L. Přeučil:Comparison of Local Planning Algorithms for Mobile Robots presented on the MODELLING AND SIMULATION FOR AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS WORKSHOP 2015

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Events & News

September 11th , 2018

Colleges from SCCH visited our laboratory.

April 24th , 2018

Dr. Patrick Pérez, Scientific Director of valeo.ai, a Valeo AI research lab focused on self-driving cars, visited our laboratory.

January 25th - 26th , 2018

The fourth general assembly of SafeLog project is hosted at CVUT CIIRC.

January 19th , 2017

Prof. Ruzena Bajczy shortly visits our laboratory just few days before she was honored by doctorate honoris causa at CVUT.
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